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April 27, 2021

Best Motivational Telugu Movie from Tollywood

For all those who like to watch Indian movies online featuring their favorite actors, the Aha OTT platform has good news. It’s time to sit glued to your TV sets and watch some interesting social and humor-laced films that appeal to everyone. For example, the movie 36 Vayasulo, it’s available on Aha. Let’s discuss some interesting aspects of the New movies online.

Watch 36 Vayasulo online on the Aha OTT channel. So what do you have in the storyline and the narration? Well, the movie 36 Vayasulo is all about women’s empowerment. It is an inspiring and entertaining film. It is about how a normal homemaker, educated or uneducated, can use her creativity. At the same time, she can bring in monetary benefits.

The main lead Vasanti (Jyothika), is a middle-class married woman aiming to settle down with her family in Ireland. One day she comes to know that the President of India wants to meet her. She excitedly prepares for the eventful day. But she faints due to nervousness at the final moment. As a result, all her friends and neighbors laugh at her and poke fun at her.

Now, there is a twist. At the same time, a friend of hers recognizes her talent and helps her to become popular. What happens next? Is Vasanti successful in her business? Does she go to Ireland? Watch the film to find out how the film progresses.

It is Jyothika’s comeback film, and she does an amazing job. Her performance makes the film worth watching. Jyothika is known for emotional roles, and in this film, she gets a chance to show all that through her powerful expressions. Jyothika does all the comedy, tragedy, and seriousness with amazing energy.

Actor Rahman, who plays Jyothika’s husband, also does well in his acting. As a man who does not encourage his wife, the noted actor shows his acting prowess. The film depicts real female empowerment in a good style. The film shows how middle-class wives can excel and succeed with the right amount of encouragement.

The film is directed by Rosshan Andrews and features Jyothika, Rahman, Abhiram, and others. Suriya produces it. The music is by Santosh Narayanan, and the cinematography by R. Divakaran. Mahesh Narayanan does the editing part.

Santosh Narayanan’s music is enjoyable, and R. Divakaran films the scenes with style. The production values are top-notch for the film. Telugu dubbing is also good, and the way the scenes are performed throughout the film, the results are quite good.

Over to you

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December 12, 2020

Playing a musical instrument relieves stress

Music makes one keep calm. When you get frustrated over things on the whole day, listening a piece of good music helps to decrease the levels of stress. Understand the benefits that you will enjoy while listening to music, and learning to play music can give much more exciting benefits. Playing music stimulates your brain that make you feel happy. When you learn to play the music, you could easily reduce the symptoms like 花貓 that is a condition that affects the way your brain process information. You will get the very bad symptoms like you see or believe things that are not real. You could easily observe the things that you get slight changes in the way you act or think that is called the prodromal period, which could last for months or even years. To solve this issue, you can play the music that helps to focus on positive activity.

favourite music instrument

  • For learning music, concentration is necessary to handle the instrument. While you start playing music to improve the music skill you will use all the brain parts for the concentration. It helps you to concentrate better on other situation life. When you have the best focus in life, it is hard to think that is not real.
  • Music improves your ability to listen to things carefully. When you play music, you have to carefully follow the instruction given by the teacher. Also, you have to listen that what tune other person playing. So, it helps to improve the conversation with the other people in life as you will listen to the speaker carefully.
  • When you learn music, you get a chance to mingle with many people. Music is an excellent way to make new friends. Even you suffer from 思覺失調 symptoms, you could have the practice of talking with new people.
  • With the help of music, you could gradually cure serious symptoms.
November 1, 2020

Indian Web Series based on Extra Martial Affairs

Mastis is an intense romantic drama web series written and directed by KrishJagarlamudi. Mastis is one of the best mini web series released by aha and it is an aha original. This is an Indian web series based on extramarital affairs. The story and characterization with such emotional bondage between them make it really hard to watch for some viewers. Aha has come up with some of the most incredible web series and movies and this is one of them. If you are new to watching, watch web series online.

Additional Information:

Season: 1

Runtime: 8 Episodes 22 minutes each.

Released: 22 April 2020

Gener: Romance, Drama

Cast and Crew:

Actorr: Navdeep, SiddharthGollapudi, Prudhvi Raj Sampara, Raja Chembolu.

Actress: ChandiniChowdary, BindhuMadhavi, Hebah Patel,Akshara Gouda.

Writer: RadhakrishnaJagarlamudi.

Produce: Sai BabuJagarlamudi, Y. Rajeev Reddy

Music Director: Smaransai


Masti’s is a story that revolves around 6 people. Each has their own paths to pursue but Masti’s is a pub where everything centres. Even though it revolves around all of them with different stories and plots, in the end, it comes to the most exciting emotion, which is love. Love is the centre part of all their stories. Navdeep and BindhuMadhavi being the major part of the cast as they own a pub called Masti’s, they are the centre to all major characters in the series. Raja Chembolu and ChandiniChowdary work in the pub and Hebah Patel works with a band in the music department of the pub with her own team and her own goals of becoming a popular band in the city. With all the love stories that mingle in their pursuit of goals, they experience an emotional breakdown which disrupts their ongoing productivity in their current lives.

Technical Assets:

  • Music and BAckground movie is epic! it definitely takes you to the next level.
  • Edits have to be mentioned, the way it is done is the movie is irreplaceable. You can’t just let the new techniques and mode of edits.
  • The colours and the screenplay will drag your attention and make you the part of the movie.
  • The script is the king of the movie! it was led and broken in the best way so that viewers have that excitement and enjoys it.

Actor’s Performance:

  • Navdeep has proved again as a soulful actor, the richness and his attitude are just jaw-dropping.
  • Prudhvi Raj Sampara character went well in every aspect. its funny, nice and lovable.
  • Raja Chembolu is a great performer, his action just ties you to the screen.
  • ChandiniChowdary beautifully carried her role with any distraction and disturbances.
  • BindhuMadhavi has a very soft, gentle role! mentionable she seized it. She got a good kick for this role.
  • Hebah Patel was fun, bold and energic as always.

Mastis has a group of characters who were mesmerizingly beautiful, charming and active in the story throughout the series that makes it really put all the viewers in sync with the story and emotions of the characters. It will never leave you bored. You can watch Mastis web series online only on Aha.

August 22, 2020

Watch your favorite movie during curfew period

You are sitting in front of your TV, watching your favorite movie. Suddenly a phone or a door bell rings and you get up to attend the call, you miss an important scene or an interesting conversation and you come back and start watching the movie again. But in a few minutes time, somebody starts speaking loudly or drops a vessel and then again you miss a crucial scene in the movie. Adding to this unwanted advertisements and news clips, somebody changing the channel in-between or some urgent work which you have to attend immediately will all make you miss your favorite television show.

Even watching movies in theatres is becoming difficult today. Not getting movie tickets or tickets turning costly or no good movie theaters near your place makes watching movies difficult. Even when your are watching movie on the big screen, noisy crowds around you  makes it difficult to enjoy the movie and going to the theatre, watching movies and getting back takes a lot of time and you  can easily lose half a day because of heavy traffic. In the present day where we get little or no time to movie around, the best way to watch movies is by going online.

Online Movies

Advantages of Watching A Movie Online Over Conventional Movie Watching

 Lots of online web streaming movie websites have come up where you can watch your favorite movie or a TV serial completely without any disturbance sitting on a couch in the comfort of your home. The picture quality in many of these websites is very good with no advertisements or news items to disturb you. One such website is where you get to watch your movies online for free and there is no spamming problem here. The gives you a wide variety of latest and old movies of various genres be it science fiction, comedy, action, horror, romance, thriller, suspense, animation or a cartoon; you get to watch all your favorite movies and serials in one website itself.

Movie quality is very good, easily and quickly downloadable without any legal issues. You have to simply create an account or download the required software to watch movies here. Watching movies is completely safe, convenient and there is no problem of hacking or virus intrusion. To watch a movie, simply enter the name of the movie in the search engine or access the complete database which consists of thousands of movies suitable for all age groups. So sit back, relax and start watching your favorite movie online.

August 15, 2020

Why don’t you choose “ChhotaBheem and Hanuman”, when you going to watch animated movies


Our myths and legends teach us the values ​​of humanity by telling us what is right and what is wrong. It is difficult to explain such legends to children. That’s why legends have become available as animated movies, sharing entertainment and making it accessible to children all around us. ChhotaBheem series is an animated epic fiction that has impressed children immensely. By showing this to children, there is no doubt that their personality is irregular.

“ChhotaBheem and Hanuman” in the ChhotaBheem series is the most entertaining for children. The adventures of ChhotaBheem and Hanuman in this series will impress the children immensely. Now it has to be said that “ChhotaBheem and Hanuman” is lucky to be available on the animated movie aha ott platform. Aha Movies is an OTT company founded for the Telugu audience. It is noteworthy that all the Telugu films are in HD quality. Aha Movies allows kids and adults to watch and enjoy movies and animated movies together at Aha Movies, even when the theatres are closed.

Characters: Bheem, Hanuman, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Screenplay:Svani Parekh

Production Company: Green Gold Animations

Release: 1st May 2012

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run Time: 66 mins.


Director Rajiv Chilaka, who created wonders with “ChhotaBheem,” continued his legacy with the series of “ChhotaBheem.” We should be thankful to him, as he gave a fantastic series of “ChhotaBheem” to enjoy the children and let them know about our mythological epics. He facilitated to know our children about what is wrong and right, ethics and moralities, etc. in the society. He continued his journey of “ChhotaBheem” series. In this process, he brought “ChhotaBheem and Hanuman,” a fictional animated film, which was produced by Green Gold Animations. Let’s see the story and highlights of the film.

The bad-tempered Makhichoos, who dislike Diwali, are delving angrily in the Dholakpur jungle enquiring for an evil spirit. Before long, the evil spirit rises out of the underlying foundations of a tree. Both the underhanded witch and Makhichoos plan to construct another realm just before Diwali and show Bheem a thing or two. While Bheem and his companions are getting ready for the festivals, Chhota Hanuman additionally comes there to be a piece of the celebration. Be that as it may, something awful occurs. Makhichoos and the underhanded witch hijack princess Indumati. Will Bheem and Hanuman together salvage Indumati and win over wickedness?Click here to watch animation movies online.

Highlights film “ChhotaBheem and Hanuman”:

ChhotaBheem and Hanuman is a fictional mythological animated film. Hanuman’s adventures and his feats added to this additionally with the adventures of ChhotaBheem. The scenes while fighting against the evil Bheem and Hanuman’s adventures will amaze the children. The battle between Evil and Bheem, Hanuman, will let the children know about what’s wrong and what is right in society.

The movie not only gives utmost enjoyment to the children but also provides knowledge about ethics and moralities to the children.

It is not only children but also enjoyable for the entire family.

Finally: ChhotaBheem and Hanuman will amaze your children

May 26, 2020

Watch the Preferred Movies in Good Quality Without Any Disturbance

In a single movie, many kinds of characters play their role in an effective way to convey the message of that film. There are more movies that make a social change among the people. Some movies entertain the viewers in an extraordinary way; the viewers will entirely be engaged to enjoy every scene of that movie. Movies are playing different roles based on the concept of the movie and the viewers. Nowadays more interesting concept movies are releasing regularly. But some people are not able to spend their time to watch their favorite artist movies or trending movies. In a busy life of the person, work is occupying most of their time in a day. So if they wish to watch a movie, then they have to visit the theatre during their weekend or to take a leave. The technology advancement provides a facility to watch the recently released 1movies from their home using the online movie applications.

While watching movies in the theatre, someone may cross the way and make a disturbance to view the screen. Some people in the theatre will create unpleasant noise sometime and make an irritation to the other viewers. But watching a movie in online mode will give a pleasant feel to the views without any disturbances of unknown people. The audio and visual quality is also good while watching in online mode. There will be no interruption will occur while watching the movies online. If the internet connection is good, then they can watch a 1movie of fine quality from their home.

Watch the Preferred Movies in Good Quality Without Any Disturbance

In past days people watch the movie using the disks if they wish to watch it instantly. They can watch the movie once or twice then the disk will be useless piece and kept in a cupboard. But in online movie applications there is no need for any space to store the movie. Among the huge collections the desired movie can be watched through online mode.

In the relaxation time if the person wishes to watch any interesting movie for being entertained. Online movies application will offer a movie collection of different categories. They can prefer the movies like thriller, animated film, romantic, action or more. If they wish to watch a movie by visiting the theatre on a holiday, then it takes more time to reach the theatre and to watch the movie.  But to watch online movies, it takes only a few minutes to choose the desired movie and to watch it.