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December 9, 2020

Signs That Your Transmission Control Module Needs To Be Checked

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is its transmission. And this includes the transmission control module (TCM). This is a vital component of the automatic transmission system. And instead of relying on mechanical control or hydraulic, the latest vehicles are now using a TCM. Usually, when the cars’ TCM goes bad, it does not really need to be replaced.

But instead, it will need transmission control module reset or repair. So how will you know that the TCM needs repair? Let’s go ahead and check out the known symptoms.

 Check the Engine Warning Light

The engine light is the number one thing that you need to check to know the health of the TCM. when the Check Engine warning light is on in the dashboard, it can mean a lot of things. But if you notice that you have been having issues when you are shifting in addition to the Check Engine light, then it can be that you need to have the TCM module checked. Also, it can be a sign of other problems in the transmission system.

Issues With Shifting

An automatic transmission relies on the TCM to do the shifting. And when your TCM goes bad, then it will cause an unintended or incorrect shifting. And this kind of problem should not be taken lightly. For some, it can be an annoyance, but later on, it can cause serious accidents. It will become very dangerous to continue driving unless you already have to control module replaced or repaired.

Also, when you are increasing speed, your transmission should let you shift into higher gears without having any problems. And when this does not happen, the engine’s RPM will just keep on increasing instead of it dropping. Remember that each gear has a maximum speed that it can reach and when the TCM is faulty, you will have issues reaching your intended speed because it will not let you shift to a higher gear.

Problems with Downshifting

Another sign that you need to be aware of is when you start having problems downshifting. If you need to pass a slow-moving vehicle and your transmission will not let you shift into a lower gear when you press the gas pedal to accelerate, then that could be a problem. If you notice that your transmission module is bad, you will end up being in a higher gear as you stop. And when you need to start moving again, your vehicle can be in high gear and not ready to properly accelerate. And this can cause problems and will not let you move at all.

These are just some of the most common signs that you need to watch out for to know that you are having problems with the TCM. Some may also include poor fuel economy, delayed shifting, and when you are stuck in the same gear. So if you notice any of these signs, make sure that you have your TCM checked soon.

May 31, 2020

Get the best knowledge from experts

People are buying every day according to their needs and wants. Some of them do not see the price while others have a limited budget for a certain kind of product. There are also days when we plan for months and then decide to buy. Major products with high prices come under this category. Before making the decision, people tend to look at the product reviews and will take a step ahead only if it is positive. It is spread all over the internet and people have easy and quick access to these today. Comparatively, the most important decision that a person has to take is about which car to choose. It requires an enormous amount of advice and information from other people with the same experiences and also the expert ones. In this process, Carxpert enters the scene with numerous detailed versions of the products that are used in a car. Be it internal or external, every accessory is being dealt with.

How they do it?

Just like the other professional reviewers, the firm has its own rules and regulations for product reviews. They spend years collecting the information related to the product and set it aside to combine and come up with the final version of the report. They make sure that their view of that particular product does not seem biased or too promoting. This is because the firm has the experience of witnessing many such sites that provide fake and misinformation that drives the customers in the wrong way.

Get the best knowledge from experts

Their process:

CarXpert writes their review separating into three categories; Price, Type, and Works best on. Hey have personally tried all the products with the vehicles in all the conditions. They differentiate into;

  • Price: The firm does not disclose the exact Recommended Retail Price (RRP). They use their own way of depicting the approximate value of the product in the $ symbol. $$$$ for price >$220 and $ for products <$75.
  • Type: This does not be the same for all the products. Each and every single accessory has a type just like the car wax that can either be Natural wax or synthetic one.
  • Works best on: Every car care product that has been ever produced works well with some of the specified conditions. This is what is mainly focussed on this type of function. It considers the car type, weather, and many other factors that are important to be noticed.

Every single minute details are to be focussed on before giving the reviews because it might change the outlook of the product in the best possible way. The firm does an excellent job of giving awareness about the latest products that are exclusively available on Amazon.